During the 2016 National Championships in Dunedin North Harbour made in into the local news TWICE!

This article in the local newspaper features beautiful pictures of Katie McDougall, Kylin Wu and Nina Brown. See the full article here


See Shelby talking to the local journalist about synchro for an article that was aired on Dunedin TV.



Wow - what a fantastic time we all had last week with the 27 swimmers that we took to Dunedin to compete in the 2016 National Synchro Champs.

North Harbour came away with lots of very well deserved medals and very imporantly, we won the club relay - again!

A full set of results for each section of the competition are available HERE.

Here is a selection of beautiful photos taken by Gail Stent.

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3bJrl2hYqP7Xy5OUnxg_mDh9yyhjf7DJ3SfMiAn-QGoOn behalf of the Committee at North Harbour Synchro, we would like to thank everyone involved for your generosity and support for this fantastic event. We all had so much fun with stunning clothes and furniture to look at and a great MC Sheryl Hyndman.

A big thank you also to our gorgeous models from the Junior and 13/14/15 teams who modeled the Ketz-ke collection. They looked stunning!

Our fashion show raised over $5,000 which represents a significant contribution towards each swimmer’s cost of attending this prestigious tournament. North Harbour are proudly representing New Zealand as the only team travelling to this new competition and it will be a great experience for our swimmers.

Please follow their progress next week on Twitter @HarbourSynchro and on Instagram northharboursynchro at the Hancock Prospecting Commonwealth Festival of Synchro.

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10Today North Harbour Synchro was proud to be part of the official opening of the Sir Owen Glenn National Aquatic Centre at AUT Millennium.

Thanks to Katie and Luci for performing their duet, to Liza for performing her solo and to our 13/14/15 team (Emily, Lucy, Rebecca, Sua, Katherine and Kylyn) for performing their Haka inspired routine.

Also, special thanks goes to Toni Meadows for being our MC.

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