Ensure that girls are punctual and attend practice regularly. Also that they eat well and have plenty of sleep before practice and competitions.

Be positive and encouraging when celebrating successes, but also with tired and sometimes disgruntled swimmers who are learning resilience and strength and need to keep trying through the tough times. Avoid negative reactions to hard training, worse-than-expected results and judging discrepancies, these are small blips on a long synchro career.

Support the coaches and the club as much as possible, get involved with the committee / fund raising etc, you will make some friends too!

Get togs and headdresses organised early, your coach will discuss this with you before competitions. Each swimmer will require

  • Club togs and club swimming cap, nose clips
  • Plain black togs and plain white swimming cap for figures
  • Goggles
  • Solo togs and headdress (May be able to borrow / hire from other swimmers in club. - solo coach will advise on this and how to make headdress if necessary
  • Team togs and headdress (team coach will advise, we will try to keep expenses down as much as possible, these may require some sewing of sequins and “bling”)